Are you interested in technology but not sure where to start? We have just the thing for you! For the first time we are offering a comprehensive class covering both fabrication (3D Printing) and programming (JavaScript). Rather than focusing on a single discipline the course is designed to be a general exposure to several key elements of technology.

During the first two days students will learn the basics of 3D Printing, which for the most part will be 3D Modeling using TinkerCAD. Students will each design and print their own custom chess piece during this time. The next three days of camp will be focused on programming with JavaScript during which students will learn how to build their own paint app. The final day of class will include discussion about other tech disciplines (such as robotics), and how those relate to programming and fabrication.

This will be a fun introductory class for any student who has an interest
in technology. After completing the class students will have a better idea
of their interests and with that knowledge can take more advanced classes
on those specific topics. Register today, this one will fill up fast!