Photography for Everyone

If your child loves taking pictures, help him or her elevate this hobby into an art form. This summer photography summer camp in San Francisco is designed to give students the chance to delve into photo-documentary and photo-journalism work as adapted for the digital age. Students will be immersed in the process and history, developing skills while learning about important events in the history of photography.

Students will learn the techniques for taking stunning photographs as well as how to edit them with digital editing software. Campers will edit their photos on Apple computers using Adobe Photoshop. While we are happy to work with students who have some experience, we can also work with those who have none at all. Each student will be placed in the appropriate class based on their ability.

By the time the camp is over, your child will have numerous photographs that have been polished to perfection. Share them with family and friends in person or over social media. Your child will be so proud.

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