Coding with Minecraft

If your child is one of the millions of kids obsessed with Minecraft, you are not alone. For years, it has been one of the most popular games amongst children and teens. And when it comes to the Minecraft obsession, summertime is king.

But if you don’t want your child sitting on the couch playing a game all summer, our camp for Coding with Minecraft held in San Francisco will get your child out of the house and engaged without you needing to fight their passion for the game.

In this course, students have the time of their lives learning computer programming basics by modding their Minecraft game. Not only will they be learning how to improve their game, they will also be picking up valuable skills that will assist them throughout their schooling and careers. Students will study things such as writing code, creating layers, and the beginnings of graphic design.

In essence, this camp transforms Minecraft from being a game into being a tool that allows children to create and learn.

And this camp isn’t just sitting in front of devices. Students must work collaboratively with each other and conference with their instructor throughout the class. Each day, students will take breaks to play indoors and outdoors under instructor supervision. We work to make sure you child enjoys a well-rounded experience.

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