The precursors to the Star Trek Replicator are found in today’s Makerspaces. The most popular is the 3D Printer, followed closely by the Laser Cutter. In this hands on Maker Camp students will learn to use 2D and 3D design tools along with 3D Printers and Laser Cutters to transform their imagination into reality!

Laser Cutters cut and etch wood and soft metals. Students choose a material, dial in the Laser Cutter’s settings, and print their design file right onto the material of their choice. Since Laser Cutters are 2D, students may use the same software that is used to print on normal paper with normal printers, even Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

3D Printers require CAD like 3D Design tools, but fortunately Autodesk has released an easy to use browser­based CAD program called TinkerCad. We’ll spend time pulling great designs off the internet, as well as designing our own, then printing them overnight. Mostly students will use standard 3D Printers that print in plastic, but they will also get to work with an advanced resin curing printer to create objects.

Come make with us! Then keep it going after the summer by creating new designs, and ordering prints from