Modern Geometry – Honors

This is a 10 unit class and you will receive credit of one full year if you pass the course. Due to the nature of summer school and the class time needed for obtaining course credit, no absences are permitted. The summer school session is 28 days long and each student is expected to be present all 28 days. No exceptions will be made for any family vacations or other activities that will prevent a student from attending school. This course will require students to be highly motivated, as the instruction will be fast paced with an expectation of a higher level of understanding of all geometric postulates and theorems.

This course is designed and intended for students who excel in math and who intend to continue their study of higher levels of mathematics in high school and college. This honors course will take an in-depth look at creating geometric constructions for many of the geometric concepts covered in this course. Examples include but are not limited to constructing lines for the points of concurrency creating a circumcenter, incenter, centroid and orthocenter. Students will also solve enrichment application activity assignments.

20 spots will be available for summer 2019.